Slick Locks: Slick Locks Coquitlam Protect Your Van From Thieves. Great Security Product to protect your service truck. We use it on our Mr. Locksmith Vans.

Mr. Locksmith is a family owned and operated business that provides Professional Locksmithing & Security Services. Mr. Locksmith Automotive Locksmith provides regular and emergency locksmith service. We offer 24 Hour Locksmith mobile service for your lock change, rekey locks, door locks, safes opened, safety deposit boxes emergency lockouts.

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Slick Locks Slick Locks

Slick Locks

Easy to Install

  • NO holes are drilled into the vehicle
  • NO damage and corrosion to exterior
  • NO more traditional bolt through hasp design
  • Mounts directly to existing factory holes
  • Custom fit, stainless steel blade brackets
  • 90 day warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Easy installation
  • Blade Brackets, Spinner 360's & Weather Shields.

Mr. Locksmith Automotive is installing Security Locks on our New Ford Transit Connect for Commercial Van Security.

Mr. Locksmith  Commercial Locksmith  has Lock Kits in Stock for the following:

  • Ford Econoline Hinged Door 1992 to present E-150, 250, 350
  • Ford Econoline Sliding Door 1992 to present E-150, 250, 350
  • Ford Full Size Transit Hinged Door
  • Ford Full Size Transit Sliding Door
  • Ford Transit Connect 2010 to 2013
  • Ford Transit Connect 2014 to present
  • GM / GMC Express / Savana Hinged Door Fits 1997 to present 1500-2500-3500
  • GM / GMC Express / Savana Sliding Door Fits 1997 to present 1500-2500-3500
  • GM City Express 2014-Present
  • Mercedes Metris
  • Mercedes Sprinter 2007 to present
  • Nissan NV
  • Nissan NV200
  • Ram Pro Master
  • Ram Pro Master City
  • and more.

Why choose Slick Locks?

Slick Locks is a family owned and operated business in the USA. Slick offers a complete line of puck locks, Spinner 360's™, Weather Shield™ covers and blade brackets for all hinged and sliding door vehicles in all makes and models available. Call Mr. Locksmith with Year, Make and Model of your Service Van.

Are slick locks good?
Excellent locks. Great fit. Easy to install Definitely with no holes drilled and makes a thief think twice. Mr. Locksmith has installed Slick Locks on our Locksmith Service Trucks. 
Where can I buy a slick lock?
Mr. Locksmith Automotive is an authorized dealer. Mr. Locksmith Supplies and Installs Locks for most Commercial Vans.
Can Slick Locks be installed on my Recreational Vehicle or Motorhome?
Yes, we have installed Locks on Van Based Recreational Vehicles. Call Mr. Locksmith with the Year, Make and Model and we can advise you.

What are slick locks?

Premium quality Slick Locks PUCK LOCKS™ are constructed using heavy-duty steel designed to provide the highest level of vehicle security possible. Our steel shank keys are much stronger and durable than the typical brass keys most manufacturers supply

What is the Lock Spinner?
SPINNER 360™ slip rings are specifically designed to be installed on each puck lock. To protect against tampering and insure further security to your puck lock, Spinners turn the locks into a rotating bearing that prohibits locks from being twisted off.

Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with over 35 years of Locksmith Experience. Also, Terry has a BA (Hons) in Criminology from Simon Fraser University.

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